Life Beyond the Norm

A Metro Detroit company providing services such as individual counseling, etiquette classes, youth development coaching and performing arts coaching.

Life Beyond the Norm LLC was birthed after founder Loretta A. Morman attended a Christian teen conference called Acquire the Fire. The theme of the conference was “Normal is not enough”. It was at this conference that Loretta began to understand her calling and purpose in life. She realized that her role in chaperoning the teens form her church who attended this event was a divine appointment that God had set-up for her to tap into her destiny. God revealed to her at this conference during intense worship that she was called to motivate young people to live beyond the boundaries of their culture and exceed the limits of their environment. God gave Loretta the vision to start a company with that very mission…to inspire youth to live beyond the norm.

Life Beyond the Norm is an all-encompassing organization that serves as a platform for our youth of today to realize their purpose in life. Building the company on four key principles, LBN serves as a beacon of hope to all youth in understanding who they are and embracing who they are called to be.

These key principles are: 1. Know Yourself  2. Grow Yourself  3. Be Yourself  4. Love Yourself


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Loretta A. Morman

Loretta’s passion for the performing arts, and love for young people are the leading factors driving the establishment of her business, Life Beyond the Norm LLC. Loretta’s overall mission is to please God and to always be true to herself while continuously serving others.

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